What to Read and Why: Reading Resolutions 2014

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The Happiest New Year ever to all book lovers and book-lovers-to-be…..!

Recently, my friends and I were discussing New Year resolutions accomplished… and we soon realised that those made for 2013, should have been achieved in 2012, as planned in 2011! There, I’ve admitted it. My friends and I are not good at New Year resolutions. But then, who is? We have even made resolutions for the coming 2014, though I guess those will have to wait their time in line, right after some simpler, old ones such as:

  • Be more creative with those leave excuses
  • A designer friend’s resolution – 72 dpi!!!
  • Remember to write 2014 instead of 2013
  • Change that CD in the car’s CD player

However, this year, I have added a few different resolutions too:

One, tell a dear friend who doesn’t like reading, to read until he discovers a book he loves or at the very least goes crazy trying!

Two, implement a bit of systematic reading. Too many half-read books in the house!

Three, read new books too.  The books on my 2013 resolutions list neatly kept in a stack in my bedroom, mock at me every time I look at them.

Dear Books,
I’ll read you yet. I’m too determined to give up yet.

So, here are books that are going to be a sure shot part of my reading resolution 2014.

1. JS & The Times Of My Life by Jug Suraiya











It’s an autobiography of Jug Suraiya, a veteran journalist, author and a columnist that takes you through his life from being a correspondent at Junior Statesman to the Editor’s page of Times of India. While casually flipping through the newspaper once, it came to me as a surprise – newspapers had funny columns too. Jug Suraiya’s columns. This book’s on my reading list simply because it would give me a chance to get to know some of the eminent journalists of the past. And as you would expect from a journalist and the creator of TOI’s very famous cartoon strip, Dubyaman, he has numerous stories to narrate. Since they would be coming from Jug, they have to be funny.

2. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn












Why is this on my reading list? Because I heard some good things about it and while exploring found the premise intriguing. Gone Girl, a psychological thrill about the gripping story about the marriage of a narcissist and a sociopath! The setback they experience during a financial meltdown: Job loss, relocation and debt et al. The plot gets even more interesting when the wife disappears on the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary and the husband becomes the prime suspect. Sounds like a good read, no? What are you waiting for; add it to your reading list and we can share thrills later. And heck, you can see the movie too.


3. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


To Kill a Mockingbird is one of those books that almost everyone reads at some point in their lives. Whether you’ve been forced to read it at school, or you’ve had a look because everyone’s been urging you to, most people have their own personal experience of reading Mockingbird,” quotes The Guardian. I have avoided reading this book despite all the hype and praises it has been gathering. And I won’t proclaim that ‘you must’ read it. So what convinced me to add To Kill a Mockingbird to my reading list? While surfing the net once, I read a story about a young interracial couple that had named their first child Atticus. The book is about Atticus Finch, who emerges as an unconventional hero and role model due to his moral principles not his physical capabilities. The curiosity to know more about Finch encouraged me to pick up a book that continues to strikes a chord with so many.

4. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle









I’m not really a fan of the science fiction genre. I was gifted this book by a relative when I was in junior school. I picked it up, started reading it, but could never bring myself to complete it. Today, I realise why. There’s no way my tween brain could have understood or appreciated it. A Wrinkle in Time does not focus on wizardry like the Harry Potter series. Instead, it portrays the universe as a place full of wonders that’s united by a struggle of good against evil. Well, that’s what I’ve read and heard about this classic. I’m yet to read this book myself. So, in 2014, I hereby resolve to dust the book and start reading it again.

I’ll bet you too plan on reading more books. Which ones are on your reading list? Let’s swap reading resolutions! And here’s to them – may they succeed beyond our wildest dreams yet.




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