Five scariest books to give you the shivers!

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Ever felt the silence so absolute, so deafening that you want to cover your ears? The feeling when you can almost see that thing lurking just beyond your periphery of vision? Do you wash your face one half at a time so that nothing can creep up behind you while you’re still washing? And in spite of this, horror is your staple diet? If the answer is yes, we have just the perfect treat for you. We bring you the five scariest book of all times that will leave you gasping out of sheer fear for sure!

The Shining

By Stephen King

The Shining

A little boy, his father and his mother are snowed in a hotel where his father is the caretaker. The father, an  aspiring writer, is trying to write his award-winning book. The book begins like any normal story, almost  deceptively sweet. Then begins the father’s descent into hell. Meet the twins, the lady in the bath tub, the hedges,  the creepy characters, the elevator that works itself, the knives in the kitchen and the little boy who can see  things others can’t. Anagrams – what’s “RED RUM” an anagram for? Whew! Scary especially if you have an  active imagination and a yellow belly! The movie was scary, but the book may just  be a tad scarier. A certain in  every horror lover’s list.

The Haunting of the Hill House

By Shirley Jackson

HauntingOfHillHouse This one has all the ingredients of a perfect horror story: a haunted house on the top of a hill and four curious  people looking to unravel the long kept secret of the house. Soon, they witness inexplicable events in the house  with spirits roaming around and the writings on the wall. The narration leaves the reader guessing if the house  really is haunted or the events are just the conjectures of petrified minds of the inhabitants. Famously regarded  as one of the  finest horror novels of the 20th century by the master of horror, Stephen King, this book is sure  to keep you  looking behind that curtain. Wait…did that curtain just move?


Heart Shaped Box

By Joe Hill

heart-shaped-box_224635 Joe Hill had acquired critical acclaim before the fact of him being the son of legendary Stephen King came  to  light. With this novel, he undeniably ascertains his domination over the genre. The protagonist of the book  is  Judas Coyne, an aging rock star. His fascination with collecting morbid memorabilia lands him a heart  shaped  box with the ghost in the box fiercely set on killing him and everyone around him.  What follows is tale  of  hidden pasts and ferocious ghosts, enough to postpone that glass of water from the dark kitchen that you so  badly  need!




By Chuck Palahniuk

haunted This is a horror story written about writing a horror story! Perhaps one of the most bizarre horror stories  ever  written, this book draws its fear quotient form the twisted human mind. The main story revolves around  seventeen individual writers on a secret writer’s retreat. They are barricaded in an abandoned theatre,  complete with all the utilities and food supplies for three months. This is done so that each may write their  horror magnum opus. The story unfolds to reveal the limits to which each is willing to go to get that scariest  story ever told. This book is a macabre of the inhuman proportions, dealing with the horrifying complexities  of human nature. A friendly advice – please do not read at night.



The Exorcist

By William Peter Blatty

The-Exorcist-novel-01 Based on the much maligned ancient practice of exorcism, this book does complete justice to its ‘horror’  label. This book has comfortably stood the test of time and is still regarded as one of the best books of the  genre. The fact that the book has its roots in reality adds that edge to the plot. When a young girl is possessed  by a demon, her mother is left desperately searching for answers. Her search leads her to the doorsteps of a  priest who is himself facing a crisis of faith. Along with an experienced exorcist, they decide to perform the  exorcism. A thrilling tale ensues which leaves the reader pondering over questions of God and faith. And if  you thought the movie adaptation by the same title was scary, wait till you turn over the last page!


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